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Domenico D'Affronto - Corona Granducato's Instructor

Domenico D’Affronto

Course Director, Corona Granducato.

Master chocolate maker, Domenico is a true magician of the kitchen. Tuscan by adoption, but Sicilian by birth, he draws wholeheartedly on the history of these lands to create new products, this by harmonising different tastes – each with their own time-honoured DNA. Whoever tries his products is taken on a fascinating whirligig ride made up of tastes, scents, emotions and memories. All of this is based on a careful selection of the ingredients to use: the noblest chocolate, the most sought-after wines. Meticulous research, continually updated, mean that this wizard of chocolate is one of those people who make you dream when you taste.

Luciano Zazzeri - Corona Granducato's Instructor

Luciano Zazzeri

Luciano Zazzeri, a creative chef at just the right level, is a true lover of nature. His food is a delight to the palate. If there’s one thing that Luciano can’t stand, it’s an excess of showiness. He loves his work, which is simply that of a restauranteur, but he carries it through in a very different spirit to the great majority of his colleagues. His restaurant, La Pineta, is at Marina di Bibbona, right on the sea, and is the destination of anyone who loves fish cooked according to timelong tradition, but with an eye on the table of today. “Simplicity and fresh ingredients” is his motto. Luciano feels strong ties to the land of his birth, the ‘Costa degli Etruschi’ and is always in the forefront of social activities, where the aid of his noble nature counts for much.

Emanuele Vallini - Corona Granducato's Instructor

Emanuele Vallini

Emanuele Vallini is concentrated energy and personality. His cuisine draws on Italian gastronomic traditions, to which he adds creativity without ever overburdening the unique tastes of the products he uses. With his wife Ornella, he opened the Carabaccia, an elegant eatery that has recently become a workshop of taste – the Officina Vallini – where regulars can find his typical dishes. His eclecticism has led him to take part in TV shows and also to work overseas. If you happen to be in Prague,you can find his dishes at the restaurant ‘Il Giardino’, an elegant structure inside the Nh Hotel chain, where he is responsible for the Italian menu. He is an expert on cooking technique and the history of cooking, both national and international.

Enrico Faccenda - Corona Granducato's Instructor

Enrico Faccenda

Chef and patron of the Nonna Isola restaurant in Castiglioncello, Enrico is an eclectic personality full of healthy creativity. As a young man he worked under Angelo Paracucchi, considered one of the fathers of creative Italian cuisine. He refined his experience as far afield as Australia, the U.S.A., Germany, Canada and Latvia. This long route allowed him to acquire important formative experience and to love ever more his work and his land – Tuscany. Enrico’s cookery is a noble synthesis, respecting tradition and celebrating fresh ingredients with personality and character. What he proposes at table aims to value the seasons and the quality of the produce, together with his intense research into flavours. Today he divides his time between his restaurant at Castiglioncello and the States, where as Executive Chef he looks after the culinary affairs of many of America’s best restaurants.

Lia Galli - Corona Granducato's Instructor

Lia Galli

Lia Galli, the chef and patron of Villa Caprareccia, is the author of ‘Le mie tre C’ and a member of the association ‘Donne in Campo’. Her motto is “cook according to nature”, recovering, in her food usage, the value of cookery as identity, and food as the expression of agricultural closeness. From the fields to the table; it’s not a slogan but a gastronomic requirement and a response to food needs, which is true in Italy but also a worldwide truth. For her, to eat nature’s way means on the one hand to recover the traditions of cookery, that cookery that has been laid down throughout the centuries, slowly responding to up-to-date needs, a sensory manifesto of rural identity, and on the other to exalt the biodiversity inherent in food, this the true gastronomic patrimony of Italy.

Deborah Corsi - Corona Granducato's Instructor

Deborah Corsi

Deborah Corsi is the chef of the Perla del Mare restaurant in San Vincenzo. Deborah loves art and culture in the same way as she loves cookery, and this three-way interest is reflected in her lifestyle and her cuisine. A love of the sea has led her to create a menu dedicated above all to fish, with particular attention to oily fish. Deborah’s dishes take in the whole territory, and show her skills in using seafood in a simple way, but one that is never banal. A love for Mediterranean cookery means that she experiments continuously with new culinary ideas. Given her proverbial tenacity in seeking out fresh ingredients of the highest quality, her cuisine is never commonplace, but draws wholeheartedly on tradition, this then often coloured in personalised recipes with a wealth of creativity, celebrating the products of the area. Her experience with such great names of cookery such as Pietro Leman, Luigi Pomata, Emanuele Sarcino and Ettore Bocchia has allowed her to enhance her professional life and thereafter emerge with awareness and a menu that is ever more personal and unique, rich in both tradition and innovation.

Alessandro Bianco - Corona Granducato's Instructor

Alessandro Bianco

A master pastry chef, Alessandro Bianco is a young talent formed in France, and the proprietor of the Dolce Vita pastry store in Cecina. A testimonial of flavour at the Salone del Gusto at Turin in 2016, to his passion for sweets Alessandro unites a touch of modernity, this with local products preferably from zero kilometres. Other than working chocolate, he finds his true challenge on the health side of the trade. Recently he has created panettone cake made with a yeast starter, using techniques and water types that were the norm at the beginning of the 20th century. Here too, Elban wine has an important role to play; his creations are often filled with Aleatico, or with local extra-virgin olive oils, but without butter. His studies in biochemistry have brought him into the field of innovation and research without ever forgetting the traditions and excellence of Tuscany.

Gabriele Dani - Corona Granducato's Instructor

Gabriele Dani

Gabriele Dani is a truly creative master pizza chef with high professional skills. In years past he has accrued a vast ability regarding the art of pizza, this the fruit of years of study and experience in the field. A meticulous professional, he makes personal research into the raw ingredients that go to make up that beautiful puzzle, one of the best loved foods in the world – ‘pizza’. His specialities are the results of his own most creative research, and his gourmet pizzas are the absolute star of the show at table. His courses vary from that for the ‘Pizza in Pala’, to courses on ‘Pizza Napoletana’, ‘Pizza in Teglia’, ‘Focaccia Pugliese’ and ‘Pizza Artistica’. Other than being a teacher at the Corona Granducato school of cookery, master pizza chef Gabriele Dani is an accredited teacher at the Scuola di Pizza News School, one of the most successful pizza schools in Italy.

Sergio Martini - Corona Granducato's Instructor

Sergio Martini

Sergio Martini, master breadmaker, is an undisputed expert in the art of bakery. For years he has produced the ‘magic’ bread of Montegemoli, that one that tastes better the day after baking, and keeps all its goodness intact for four or five days. He has organised courses in breadmaking both for professionals and for bread-lovers. His secret lies in the water used, and in the flour – only type 2 – with no ‘improvements’, obviously. For him, to use any additive or additional ingredient is forbidden. His courses are an exhaustive guide to the knowledge of breadmaking. The flour for the Montegemoli bread is produced exclusively by the Antico Molino Artigianale Messerini, active since 1890 in Fabbrica di Peccioli (PI). The cylinder mill transforms the grain into a special flour classified as type 2, one that manages to retain the powder from the milling, the fibre, and the germ of the grain, so as to ensure that the bread, once baked, does not lose any of that unmistakable flavour and its characteristic scents.

Gianluca Pontilunghi - Corona Granducato's Instructor

Gianluca Pontilunghi

A bartender, Gianluca is regional coordinator for ABI. He is one of the principal experts in Italy in blending. His motto is “the bar, my passion, my world. Hospitality and a welcome as a way of life, a universal rite. To transmit all this is my aim”. He has lived and worked in various cities in Europe, and this path has been of fundamental importance in his development, as he got to know ideas in the hospitality sector. Frankfurt and London, along with central Europe, allowed him to measure cultural differences far from those of Paris, Berlin and Prague, and to learn about local traditions and working methods. This has aided him in taking on board new concepts connected to European culture. A great care for detail, the image of the Ferragamo and Antinori families, the fascination of the grand receptions at Windsor – the summer residence of the Queen – all of these have allowed him to refine his skills and become a well-known professional.

Massimiliano Fortunato - Corona Granducato's Instructor

Massimiliano Fortunato

Massimiliano Fortunato, proprietor of the “Doppio Malto” beer-house at Cecina (LI), is a globetrotting beer sommelier, an expert in the world of beer and the brewing industry. He organises courses to open up the world of beer, these for beginners, established beer-lovers, and professionals. His courses cover teaching the history and geography of beer, craft production, beer-tasting techniques, beer typology, knowledge of the equipment and plant regarding tapping, techniques of tapping, and finish up with the gastronomy of beer. His motto is “only a wise man could have invented beer”.

Corona Granducato’s Courses

Our courses are for those who love fine food and drink, and all of those who wish to learn or to perfect the art of the pastry-chef, the chef, the breadmaker and the barman. A path for further professional formation will be made available at the end of the course by way of an apprenticeship with a company working in the relevant sector.

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